Narva castle excursion

The tour introduces the town history throughout different periods. Preserved architectural fragments and model of baroque Narva are talked about in detail. The observation gallery on the eighth floor of the Tall Hermann tower greets with a fantastic view of Narva town and Ivangorod Fortress. The excursion ends in the Northern yard - 17th century craftsmen center.
Duration — 1,5 hours.
Price: Summer (18.05.13-25.08.13) €25 + ticket/Winter (26.08.13-14.05.14) €20 + ticket

The history of Narva castle
Tour through the castle complex: big Western yard, Northern yard, defensive wall, Stone hall, south-eastern tower (Rondel), south-western corner tower, castle halls. The history of Narva Castle's creation and development is narrated.
Duration — 2 hours.
Price: €30 + ticket

Early Modern Period Town Dweller
Excursion begins in the Northern Yard- - 17th century craftsmen center. Visitors can try on historical costumes, taste traditional food and learn more about the life of the city in the 17th century and about craftsmen routine. Excursion ends in the castle.
Duration — 2 hours.
Price: €25 + ticket NB! Only summer periood

Ancient castle treasures
Program for those, who seek adventures! We dare you to find a treasure hidden on the territory of the castle.
Price: 17 eur + ticket NB! Only summer period




Old Narva legends
An exciting evening trip is the perfect opportunity to hear the old castle legends. The bravest will participate in an accolade ceremony. In the end everyone will enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.
Duration — 1,5 hours.
Price: €200 (group up to 25 people, if group is more than 25 people - additionally €10 for every person exceeding 25)

Through the Castle with the Alchemist
What else city as not Narva, can be called one of the most mysterious cities. It is full of myths and legends. The Story-teller and the Alchemist offer unforgettable tour through the Narva Castle. Through the legends, historical facts and life situations you will get to know how medicine in Narva arose thanks to the alchemy and sorcery. During this tour you will visit the room of the alchemist, and, having come to the mage, you may have a look into your own future...
Duration — 1,5 hours.
Group — max. 30 people.
Price — €160 (group up to 20 people, if group is more than 20 people - additionally €8 for every person exceeding 20)

One day of knight's life
During this fascinating excursion you will be carried back into the past and will get view about life of knights. You will become a participant of the meeting of Convention and will study "knights school". Battle of knights and medieval dances, competitions and duels will be offered to you during this excursion. All that to help you reveal force and will, courage and intellect! Ceremony of knighting and lots of other pleasant surprises!
Duration — 1,5 hours.
Group — max. 30 people.
Price — €160 (group up to 20 people, if group is more than 20 people - additionally €8 for every person exceeding 20), €200 with snacks (group up to 20 people, if group is more than 20 people - additionally €10 for every person exceeding 20)

Excursion in the Art gallery
The excursion in the Art Gallery will introduce not only the permanent but also temporary exhibitions. One will get to know about the work of Estonian artists, whose lives and art were in any way connected with Narva. It is also possible to try your hand in the studio.
Duration — 1 hour.
Price: €10 + ticket

City tours Narva historical sights Northen war memorials and battlefields in Narva Krenholm - gem of industrial architecture Bastion ring (including visiting casemate galleries)
Duration — 1,5 hours.
Price: €30 on foot — €40

Narva Castle St.-Peterburi mnt. 2 Narva 20308 Eesti




Summer Mon-Sun 10-18


Winter Wed-Sun 10-18, Mon-Tue 10-17 each hour
INFO: Lidia Kulikova,
tel +37235 99230+37235 99230,


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