International transport

As a European border town, Narva is easy to access. There are different options for going to Narva which are as follows:
By Airplane    
No international flights arrive at Narva’s airport, which means if you’re travelling to Estonia by air, you’re going to be arriving in Tallinn. Tallinn airport has regular bus connection with Tallinn coach station, where the bus to Narva can be taken.
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By Bus
For anyone who is without a car, the bus is by far the most convenient way to get from Tallinn to Narva. Each day between more than 40 express buses make the 3.5-hour trip from the capital, departing from Tallinn’s coach station at Lastekodu 46. Buses arrive at Narva’s bus station (Autobussijaam) at Vaksali square.
Tickets cost 9-12 euro
You can find the complete schedule and price information at:
By Car
Driving from Tallinn to Narva is fairly simple, on a road of the trans-European network of road connections (E20)
By Train   
Narva’s train station is located at Vaksali st. 23, tel. +372 35 67 721.
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By Ship